Finally Blogging

Well, I finally have a few minutes to get this Blog rolling.  I am so excited because my home office is completely set up and I finally get to actually work, but not leave home too often.  My window-office view is sometimes filled with my roller-blading, Trikke-ing, skate-boarding, volleyball playing daughter.  Sometimes my view is  my awesome husband relaxing in the sun.  But, it always filled with  incredibly blue skies and palm trees.  I feel like I live on vacation.  I pinch myself that I get to live this way. I am incredibly blessed to be rescued from the regular 9-5 job (well I think it was more like 7 – -7 job if you include commute and late working).  Fifteen years ago my loving, awesome husband said he had to rescue me from my very stressful job.  And that he did….so here I sit  sharing part of my “dream” with you and writing the intro to the rest of my blogging days. 

I keep my finger on the pulse of food. I believe that we, “are what we eat.”   My blogs will share information that enlighten the home or food enthusiast on healthy family cooking, practical housewares and food comparisons, and  important food safety information.


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