Outbreak Recall Continues To Grow

I do not watch many shows on television.  The Weather Channel is my entertainment staple–my husband is a pilot.  Recently, I was in a computer changeover; so I was void of news.  Once I was back online with my computer, I was shocked to read this Food  Safety News article Outbreak Recall Continues To Grow with a recall for meat products.  Actually, the recall is due to black pepper in the meat products.  In checking  to see when this was first reported  to the public,  it seems on January 25 the story was reported on the national and local news programs.

Around the holidays, I usually treat myself to an indulgence.  It is of the savory type — not cookies.  My indulgence is sopressata and the hotter the better.  I know I have eaten some of these brands during the time in question.  I also know I wasn’t feeling well, but blamed it on holiday rich foods and foods I am not accustomed to eating.  I may have poisoned myself daily.

Please read this article, check your refrigerator for these products.  In addition, you may question at your deli counter if your purchased these brands of  salami  or sopressata  to verify you do not purchase this product.  Sometimes these types of deli meats have long “Use By” dates.  Lastly, please pass the article to your friends. 

Each time I discover a food safety related issue, I will report it on my blog and let you know the updates via Twitter @GourmetPICS.    I may not catch everything, but I will do my best.   Food safety is near and dear to my heart.


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