Motivate yourself — awesome quote —

 “ It is difficult to steer a parked car, so get moving.”–Henrietta Mears,
American educator and author

My pet peeve of the moment is that people make more excuses and spend more time making excuses then it would take to just get up and get the job done.  My meme is “choices”.  People are where they are in life because they made or make certain choices.  My blogs over the next few days will discuss different “choices” that influence a persons actions and attitude. 

This quote about not being able to steer a parked car is perfect to show that if you have a dream, you must move to get it.   Inactivity will get you nowhere. 

I equate this parked car to a parked body.  Physical activity is an important part of mood.  I experience incredible highs when I am at my physical best.   When I am high from a work out, my accomplishments are ten fold.  So…steering is incredibly easy…that is how I roll.  This energetic spirit is catchy.  Over the years I have met many people and influenced a few.  The stories of those I helped influence still give me a warm-fuzzy feeling.  When someone says “you helped me change my life” and it is obviously in a positive way, that is very earth moving.   

I regularly visited a certain department store as part of my job.  One of the associates was obviously over weight and complained to me many times that she was going to have to find another job.  One where she did not have to stand long–her knees were incredibly sore.  I shared with her on one visit, that my knees ached for years and it was inactivity and a little added weight that were bothering me.  I told her I stopped drinking diet soft drinks, avoided processed packaged foods, walked regularly and started working out.  My knees stopped hurting.  I wasn’t sure if it was the workouts, walking, the soft drinks or avoiding the chemicals in the processed foods.  Well, I had not visited that store for probably 4 months.  After I returned, I almost didn’t recognize the associate.  She looked awesome–and 10 years younger.   She said she was so influenced by me during our last visit, that she started walking (even with sore knees) and joined Weight Watchers.   She admitted to me that she was always making excuses to herself, but when she saw that I continued to workout with sore knees, she would not make another excuse.  That was her “Choice” and it probably extended her life for many years.  She lost weight, did not have to find another job, and her knee pain was incredibly less 🙂 

 My Choice today is  to “spread the health”  — new articles to come 

  • Organic Meat
  • You are what you eat
  • Farmers Market to your door
  • Jamie Oliver

 I have to get my car out of the parking lot (from behind the laptop) and get moving,  have a wonderful day.



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