Food, Inc. – Hungry For Change? Have you seen this?

I am a food safety advocate, but the message in this movie is much more than food safety.  It is not a movie about safe food, it is a movie about where we, as humans, fit within the commercial “food chain.”  

Do you believe your food is good for you, as long as it comes from the market?  Most consumers go to the market, are happy with the best bargain or the best sale, and literally “feed” their families.  The best bargain, the cutest packaging, the easiest to cook, the product the kids like most, or the food most advertised on coupons or commercials end up in the family grocery cart.  Consumers are making the wrong choices. 

You must see this movie and decide what changes you will make.  I will share no more.  Please see it for yourself.

Food, Inc.  is available for purchase at a nominal cost through the official Food, Inc. website listed below.  In addition, some PBS stations have it on their viewing schedule this week. Please view it.  You will be “Hungry for Change.” 

Official Food, Inc. Movie Site – Hungry For Change?.


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