Back to Petri dish — I mean — Back to School.

I feel like crap today and whenever I am not feeling well, my first reaction is “Could it be something I ate?”.  If  it weren’t for the fact that my daughter came home from school sick, next came my husband, then me–I would believe my feelings to be be food related.  This sickness just happens to be the regular  my-daughter-has-been-back-in-school-3-weeks bug. She manages to remain illness free all summer, the minute she returns to the petri dish–(I mean, school)–there it is. She is a victim of the:  I don’t care if they are sick, I am sending them anyway because I need my time, I have yoga today, or am out of vacation time, or need to get my nails done, or my book club is meeting for lunch— moms’ rule.   There are other reasons.  None of which is reason to send your sick child to school.  Honestly, those are  the reasons I hear most. 

I beg and plead each time someome in this family feels ill,  please don’t give it to me and please keep it to yourself.   Our closeness prevails, and I get it. Fortunately my awesome job allows me to work wherever my laptop rests.  If my daughter is sick, she stays home–even if I catch whatever ails her.  I get to take care of her because I love to and I am right where I need to be.   I love being a mom.

When we get sick, I reflect on how we have been eating and taking care of ourselves.  Guess what? We do eat well, (I have been teased about being  the Food Nazi) we exercise daily, etc.  However when I send my beautiful precious daugther off to educate her brain,  I have to send her into the petri dish called school–what can we expect.–  UGH!