Not All Olive Oils Are Worth the Money (But This One Is) – The Atlantic

Zingerman’s is a “destination” in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  I no longer live in Michigan, but my visits there always include a trip to Zingerman’s.  The wonderful place cannot be explained in writing, but must be experienced.  You can glean much from the business website  The oils and vinegars which are chosen by Ari, are top notch.  Try them with the samplers or flavors of the month clubs.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  How often do you spend money on a bottle of olive oil based on looks or country of origin, only to be dissatisfied?  Read Ari’s article from The Atlantic below and save yourself a ton of cash and trouble.

Ari Weinzweig is co-founder of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. He is also the author of Zingerman’s Guide to Good Eating. Read about his best selection of Olive Oils and how the choicese are made here:  Not All Olive Oils Are Worth the Money (But This One Is) – The Atlantic.

Oh, by the way– I do not, nor would I ever, solicit from companies to blog about their products.  This company is one of my personal favorites.  Some future favorites:  Dancing Deer Baking Company, Garrett’s Popcorn,   I have not received a thing (gifts, credits, samples, etc) nor do I plan to.  My opinion is completely unbiased.  Would you trust an opinion of a person just receive a company’s product or giveaway?